So, Just How Well Do You Know Your Sound??

This component found in our new Dolby Atmos Ready Network A/V Receivers provides Unparalleled Processing Power for High-Resolution.  Can you guess what it is? A


Did you guess: Dual 32-bit DSP Engines?  If so, you’re right!

With the advent of object oriented sound, such as is used in Dolby Atmos, sounds can now be localized in a specific speaker or panned around and above you in a multidimensional sound field. Currently receivers with only a single DSP can only provide you with traditional channel-based surround sound.  However, by adding a second digital signal processing chip,enables your system to decode more advanced Dolby Processing - including Dolby Atmos. 

For more  on channel-based, object oriented, and Dolby Atmos sound visit our Onkyo Dolby Atmos site.

Must See TV

A 30 minute must-see documentary about the decline of sound quality and how technology has changed the way we listen to music. It will open your ears and inspire you to reach for richer, more soul-stirring musical experiences. Featuring  Quincy Jones, Slash, Snoop Dogg, Hans Zimmer, and Steve Aoki.